Apr 8th 2024

Navigating the World of Night Vision: Custom vs. Standard Options

When it comes to elevating your nocturnal experiences, whether for leisure, professional, or tactical endeavors, choosing the right night vision device is paramount. Armasight, a leader in night vision technology, presents a diverse range of devices tailored to meet varied needs and preferences. Among these offerings, the Custom Night Vision Build emerges as an exceptional choice for those seeking a personalized approach to their nighttime pursuits. But with such a plethora of options available, how does one discern between a custom-built device and Armasight's other premium night vision offerings? This blog post is your compass, navigating through the advantages of custom versus standard options, empowering you to chart the course that best resonates with your unique requirements.

The Appeal of Custom Night Vision

Unparalleled Personalization

The primary allure of opting for a custom-built night vision device lies in its unparalleled personalization. Unlike standard models, a custom device allows you to select individual components such as image intensifiers, lenses, and housings (e.g., BNVD-40, BNVD-51, PVS-14) to match your specific requirements. This level of customization ensures that every aspect of the device, from its physical ergonomics to its optical performance, is tailored to your preferences and intended use.

Optimal Performance

With the ability to handpick image intensifier tubes based on their specifications like Halo, EBI, Resolution, FOM, and SNR, you're not just buying a night vision device; you're crafting a tool optimized for your nocturnal ventures. This customization ensures that your device delivers the highest quality image and performance for your particular environment, whether you're navigating dense forests or engaging in precision surveillance.

Exclusivity and Innovation

Custom night vision devices also offer access to exclusive, limited-supply components not available with standard models. These unique elements can provide an edge in performance, setting your equipment apart from conventional offerings.

The Strengths of Standard Night Vision Devices

Ready-to-Use Convenience

Armasight’s standard night vision devices are designed for immediate use, offering a blend of high-quality performance and convenience. These models are ideal for those who prefer not to delve into the specifics of customization and desire a device that’s ready to ship immediately.

Tested and Trusted Configurations

Standard models come with the advantage of tried-and-tested configurations. These devices are the culmination of extensive research and development, ensuring that their components work seamlessly together to provide excellent performance across a range of conditions.


In some cases, standard night vision devices may represent a more cost-effective solution. Without the need for specialized components, these models can offer a balance of quality and value, making them accessible to a wider range of users.

Making the Decision

Assessing Your Needs

The choice between custom and standard night vision devices boils down to your specific needs and preferences. If you have precise requirements or desire a device that matches your unique night vision aspirations, a custom build may be the way to go. This option is particularly appealing to enthusiasts and professionals who demand peak performance and personalization.

On the other hand, if you’re new to night vision technology, require a device for general use, or are working within a tighter budget, a standard model might be more appropriate. These devices offer exceptional quality and reliability, providing an excellent entry point or all-rounder solution for most users.

Expert Guidance

Regardless of your choice, Armasight’s team of experts is available to assist you in navigating your options. By understanding your intended use, preferences, and budget, they can recommend a path that best suits your needs.


The decision between a custom-built night vision device and a standard model is a personal one, influenced by your specific needs, expectations, and the nature of your nocturnal activities. By carefully considering the benefits of each option and assessing your requirements, you can select a night vision solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether you choose the unparalleled personalization of a custom build or the ready-to-use convenience of a standard model, Armasight ensures that you’re equipped with the best technology to unlock the mysteries of the night.