Store Policies


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PAYMENT OPTIONS                                              

We accept all major brands of credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, as well as PayPal. 


We offer Free Two Day Shipping for orders over $2,000 shipping to the lower 48 states.
For orders between $100 - $2000, we offer $5 flat rate Value Shipping going to the lower 48 states.

Additional shipping upgrades can be made at time of purchase, calculated by the size, weight, and destination of your package. Transit times for each method can be found in the chart below. 

  • Flat Rate Value – Typical transit time ranges between 3-10 business days
  • Standard Shipping – Typical transit time ranges between 2-5 business days
  • Two-Day Shipping – Guaranteed within 2 business days of shipment.
  • One-Day Shipping – Guaranteed within 1 business day of shipment. 

Due to export reasons, we do not ship outside of the US at this time. If you are a government agency outside of the United States and interested in our products, please contact our exclusive government sales representatives at USIQ


All items listed for sale on our website are in-stock and ready to ship within 1 business days of purchase. Orders placed after hours will process the next business day. Unfortunately, we do not accept backorders. In the event your item is not available for purchase, we will cancel your order and issue an immediate refund. 


We understand that you might change your mind and need to cancel your order after purchase. The quickest way to cancel an order is to call us at 888-504-ARMA, Monday through Friday from 8am-3pm MST. We can also be reached via email: for all your order needs. 


Night Vision and Thermal Imaging are complex products, and we're here to help you. If you have any questions about your product, please call us or contact us first. If you have issues with your product, it may be covered under the Armasight Limited Warranty. However, if you have an unopened item and wish to return it, we will be happy to work with you on a return within 30 days of purchase (certain restrictions apply). To obtain an RMA number, please contact us via email at or by phone at 888-504-2762. Please note the customer is responsible for all expenses related to return shipping. In the event there was an error on your order, we will provide a prepaid return label to send your item(s) back to our warehouse. 


We do not currently offer exchanges. Once you’ve returned your item, you can order a new item from our online store. 


Please contact our Sales Team at or call 888-504-ARMA for more information.


Sales tax, if any, is charged based on the applicable state and local sales tax regulations and rates. We withhold sales tax as required by law; these laws are subject to change. In addition, we reserve the right to change this policy as needed. 


U.S. Federal, State and Local Laws / Regulations and Product Restrictions

Armasight may offer items that are restricted for sale in the United States of America by federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations. Armasight makes its best effort to ensure that it remains current on all laws and regulations as applicable. Please be aware that United States federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations are complex and are subject to change. Therefore, any summaries of such laws and regulations provided by Armasight at any time can never and will never serve as legal advice or counseling in any way. If you have any questions about any law or regulation, Armasight advises you to consult with an attorney who will represent your interests. It is ultimately the Customer's responsibility to investigate and ensure that any item is legal to use, carry, possess, purchase and/or own within the Customer's intended federal, state and/or local area.

Purchase of any restricted item may require various documents, including, but not limited to, a purchase order on department or institution letterhead, an official identification, and/or additional certification forms. Armasight expressly reserves the right to require any documentation as it deems necessary to ensure compliance with any applicable laws and regulations or any other purpose. Further, Armasight's reservation of rights includes, but is not limited to, the right to require end user and end use information and/or compliance certification forms from any Customer.

By proceeding with a transaction to purchase any restricted item, the Customer certifies that (i) the Customer has reviewed all United States federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations related to the use, possession, purchase and/or ownership of the restricted item(s); (ii) the Customer is legally permitted to use, possess, purchase and/or own the restricted item(s); (iii) the Customer does not intend to transfer the item(s) contrary to United States federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations; (iv) the item(s) will be used for lawful purposes only, and the Customer is not associated with any criminal group or criminal enterprise; (v) the Customer is at least 18 years of age, or of the appropriate legal age for an item according to applicable federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations; (vi) the Customer is under no legal disability that would prevent the Customer from using, possessing, purchasing, owning, and/or transferring the item(s); and (viii) the Customer has read and understands Armasight’s Export Policy; and (ix) if applicable, Customer understands and agrees to restrictions on the return of certain regulated products.

By purchasing any item from Armasight, the Customer certifies that the Customer will comply with any and all requirements imposed by applicable U.S. federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and administrative policies


We do not permit any International Orders.

Armasight Acquisition Corporation works exclusively with PBE Commerce, 695 West, 1700 South, Building 12, Logan, Utah 84321 for direct sales via this website.