Custom Build Your Own Night Vision System


Welcome to Armasight’s Custom Night Vision: Craft Your Unique Vision of the Night


Unlock the extraordinary potential of the night with our Custom Night Vision Build category – an immersive experience designed for those who demand more from their nocturnal adventures. Tailor your Night Vision system to your exact specifications and witness the night in a way that's uniquely yours.



Build Your Night Vision System: Your Vision, Your Rules


Embark on a journey of customization as you assemble a Night Vision device that perfectly aligns with your needs and desires. Choose from a curated selection of cutting-edge components, including image intensifiers, lenses, housings, and exclusive limited-supply high FOM and Spec (IITs). With our intuitive online tool, you have the power to design a Night Vision system that amplifies your nocturnal pursuits.



Why Choose Armasight’s Custom Night Vision?


Tailored Precision: Every component is a brushstroke in your Night Vision masterpiece. Craft an unparalleled viewing experience that matches your vision of the night.

Performance Unleashed: Elevate your nocturnal adventures with components chosen for optimal performance. Experience clarity, precision, and reliability like never before.

Exclusive Limited-Supply Components: Make your Night Vision truly unique with our exclusive limited-supply components. Stand out from the crowd and own a device as exceptional as your adventures.

Expert Guidance: Not sure where to start? Our experts are here to guide you. From selecting the right image intensifier to optimizing your lens choice, we're committed to ensuring your custom build exceeds expectations.



How It Works:


1. Explore Components: Browse our selection of high-quality image intensifiers, lenses, and housings.

2. Build Your Device: Use our intuitive online tool to mix and match components, visualizing your custom Night Vision device in real-time.

3. Checkout: Complete your order, and our skilled technicians will assemble your bespoke Night Vision system with care and precision.

4. Embark on Your Nighttime Adventure: Once delivered, your custom-built Night Vision system is ready to accompany you on all your nocturnal endeavors.



Start your journey into the night. Customize. Illuminate. Experience.



Begin Building Your Custom Night Vision Device Now


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