MNVD-51 Gen 3 Bravo Night Vision Monocular

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The Gen 3 Bravo Armasight MNVD-51 NV Monocular is a multi-purpose night vision monocular, lighter and more compact than the classic PVS-14 monocular. The MNVD-51 can be employed as a hand-held, head-mounted, or helmet-mounted night vision device.

The MNVD can operate from either a single AA alkaline battery or CR123A battery, providing a run time of up to 40 hours.
With an expanded 51-degree field of view (FOV), you can maintain maximum situational awareness, easily navigate your surroundings and track moving vehicles and objects. Hands-free operation is seamless using optional head and helmet mounting options.

The Armasight Gen 3 Bravo MNVD-51 is available in green and white phosphor to best suit your individual needs.

Package Contents

  • MNVD-51 Night Vision Monocular
  • Lens Cap
  • Eyecup
  • Sacrificial Window
  • Demist Shield
  • Battery Key
  • Product Manual
  • Lens Cloth
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • CR123A battery
  • 3 year limited warranty with registration

More about Armasight Generation 3 Bravo Image Intensifier Tubes

The best value in Generation 3 night vision, with all the technology that produces a significantly improved picture and performance as compared to Gen 2 or digital night vision, but with a few minor imperfections. While all image intensifier tubes may have minor spots or blemishes, our Bravo tube will have more blemishes than our Pinnacle or Pinnacle Elite intensifier tubes. As a result, our systems using Bravo tubes are priced lower and therefore offer significant value for entry-level users. If you are just starting out with night vision and budget is a concern, Armasight systems with Bravo IITs are perfect for you. Bravo tubes may have up to eleven spots or blemishes.

Image Intensifier Tube Generation:
Gen 3 Thin-Filmed Manual Gain Control
64-72 lp/mm
Zone 1 Spots Maximum Allowed:
0 - 0.009" to 0.012" / 0 - 0.006" to 0.009" / 1 - 0.003" to 0.006"
Zone 2 Spots Maximum Allowed:
1 - 0.009" to 0.012" / 1 - 0.006" to 0.009" / 2 - 0.003" to 0.006"
Zone 3 Spots Maximum Allowed:
1 - 0.009" to 0.012" / 2 - 0.006" to 0.009" / 3 - 0.003" to 0.006"
Manual Gain Control:
Brightness Control:
Automatic and Manual
Bright Light Cut-off:
Infrared Illuminator:
Yes (Built-in)
IR Indicator:
Yes (in FOV)
Lens System:
F1.26; 19mm
Field of View:
Focus Range:
0.25m to infinity
Diopter Adjustment:
-6 to +2 dpt
Power Supply:
1 x CR123A (3V) or 1 x AA (1.5V) Battery
Battery Life:
24 Hours (1.5V) / 40 Hours (3V) at 20° C
Low Battery Indicator:
Yes (in FOV)
Environmental Rating:
Operating Temperature:
-51° C to +49° C (-60° F to + 120° F)
Storage Temperature:
-51° C to +85° C (-60° F to + 185° F)
160 x 54 x 79mm / 6.3 x 2.1 x 3.1in
0.31kg / 0.7lbs
3 years w/ registration