Armasight G95 NVG Mount Designed & Manufactured by Wilcox Industries

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The G95 night vision mount comes in an exclusive Armasight gray color, and was designed for Armasight by Wilcox Industries based on their extremely popular G24 Mount. This low profile breakaway mount has become the night vision goggle industry standard. The Armasight G95 Mount offers universal goggle mounting solutions for any night vision google with a dovetail shoe. Wilcox Industries relied on extensive operational input during the product's development, and since it’s initial fielding, millions of operational hours have established operator muscle memory.

Pioneering the “break away” feature, this mount has built safety into it’s design by disconnecting from the base under stress which reduces the potential for neck injury. This mount can be summarized in one word – quality. With a superior finish, attention to design and functionality, the G95 optimizes the use of your night vision google.

The Armasight G95 Mount is compatible with the BNVD-40, BNVD-51, PVS-31, and other Armasight night vision units with optional adapters.


  • Maintains a very low profile on the helmet
  • Ergonomic adjustments allow for one handed operation
  • Breakaway feature reduces the risk of neck injury
  • Dovetail shoe interface securely locks NVGs into place
Armasight Gray