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The Armasight Dual Infrared Patch is a must-have accessory for night vision gear enthusiasts and patriots alike. This innovative patch combines style and functionality, featuring a striking full-color American Flag design that proudly displays the red, white, and blue. However, the true magic of this patch is revealed when it's used with your night vision goggles.

Measuring at a compact 5 x 9 cm, this single patch is designed to be easily attached to your gear without adding unnecessary bulk. The patch's standout feature lies in its ability to emit an Armasight IR signature when viewed through NVG devices. This dual functionality means that you can show off your national pride during the day and seamlessly transition to covert operations under the cover of night.

The Armasight Dual Infrared Patch is not just a fashion statement – it's a tactical tool that enhances your night vision capabilities. Whether you're a serviceman on a mission or a civilian exploring the great outdoors, this patch offers a unique blend of utility and style. The Armasight logo discreetly integrated into the NVG IR design serves as a mark of quality and reliability, ensuring that you are equipped with top-notch gear for your nighttime adventures.

Add a touch of patriotism to your night vision setup with the Armasight Dual Infrared Patch. Show your colors by day and maintain stealth by night with this versatile and high-performance accessory. Let your American spirit shine through with this practical and eye-catching patch from Armasight.
American Flag
5 x 9 cm