CO-MR Gen 3 Pinnacle Night Vision Clip-On

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The Armasight CO-MR (Clip On – Medium Range) is a night vision unit that mounts in front of an existing day scope and converts the day scope to a night vision scope, effective up to ranges of 700 yards. The CO-MR can be mounted to or removed from a standard Picatinny rail in seconds, with no tools required. The CO-MR is recommended for use with day scopes of up to 12x magnification.

Because the CO-MR is mounted in front of your day scope, the shooter’s eye relief is not altered, and shot release and follow through all remain intuitive. As the unit is factory bore-sighted to better than 1MOA accuracy, no alteration in zero is experienced, so it truly is as simple as mount-focus-shoot, as familiar as shooting in the daytime.

Enjoy the unfair advantage of Armasight night vision in white phosphor while using your favorite riflescope.


Package Includes

  • CO-MR Gen 3 Pinnacle Night Vision Clip-On
  • Lens Cap
  • Light Suppressors
  • Battery Adapter
  • Watchman IR Illuminator
  • Remote Control
  • Product Manual
  • Lens Cloth
  • Soft Carrying Case

More about Armasight Generation 3 Pinnacle / Pinnacle 2376 Image Intensifier Tubes

The best combination of price and performance. Our Pinnacle Image Intensifier Tubes have almost 50% less blemishes than our Bravo tubes, as well as a minimum of 2000 FOM. Zone 1 is kept completely clear of blemishes, giving you a great picture of your target of interest. Designed for a more experienced end-user, NV systems with Pinnacle IITs can be found in the hands of law enforcement, hunters, and enthusiasts.

Our Pinnacle 2376 Image Intensifier Tubes share the same great picture quality as our Pinnacle tubes, but guarantee a minimum of 2376 FOM

Image Intensifier Tube Generation:
Gen 3 Thin-Filmed Manual Gain Control
64-81 lp/mm
Zone 1 Spots Maximum Allowed:
No spots of 0.003" or greater allowed
Zone 2 Spots Maximum Allowed:
0 - 0.009" to 0.012" / 1 - 0.006" to 0.009" / 2 - 0.003" to 0.006"
Zone 3 Spots Maximum Allowed:
0 - 0.009" to 0.012" / 2 - 0.006" to 0.009" / 3 - 0.003" to 0.006"
Manual Gain Control:
Brightness Control:
Automatic and Manual
Bright Light Cut-off:
Infrared Illuminator:
Yes (separate, included)
Remote Control:
1x (recommended use for 3x-12x daytime optics)
Lens System:
F1.44; 80mm
Field of View:
Eye Relief:
Exit Pupil:
Focus Range:
10m to infinity
Power Supply:
1 x CR123A (3V) or 1 x AA (1.5V) Battery
Battery Life:
24 hours (1.5V) / 40 hours (3V) at 20° C
Low Battery Indicator:
Yes (in FOV)
Environmental Rating:
Operating Temperature:
-40° C to +50° C (-40° F to + 122° F)
Storage Temperature:
-51° C to +85° C (-60° F to + 185° F)
189 x 104 x 90mm / 7.44 x 4.09 x 3.54in
840g / 1.85lbs
3 years w/ registration