CO Dayscope Light Suppressor for CO-MINI

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The Armasight Clip-On Day Scope Light Suppressor is a high-quality accessory designed to be used as a light suppressor for the Armasight CO-MINI. This piece is an essential tool for hunters, tactical shooters, and military personnel who need to operate in low light or no light situations with the Armasight CO-MINI clip-on night vision device.

The suppressor is designed to reduce the glare of the light emitted by the unit, which can often give away the user's position. The suppressor is made of durable materials and is designed to last for years of heavy use. The Armasight CO Light Suppressor is easy to install and attaches securely to the back of the CO-MINI.

The light suppressor reduces the light output of the device, making it less visible to anyone who may be watching. The suppressor also reduces the amount of light that is reflected back to the user, allowing them to maintain their night vision and remain undetected. This suppressor is an essential accessory for anyone who needs to remain hidden while using their Armasight CO-MINI.

It is lightweight, easy to use, and built to last, making it an excellent investment for anyone who needs to operate in low light or no light conditions. With the Armasight Light Suppressor, you can stay concealed and maintain your night vision while still taking advantage of the full functionality of your Armasight CO-MINI.

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