Battery Cap Tether for BNVD

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The Armasight BNVD Battery Cap Tether is a replacement part designed to replace a missing or damaged piece to the battery cap on Armasight BNVD products. The thether is an essential component of the battery cap for the BNVD system as it secures the battery compartment and ensures the uninterrupted operation of the night vision device.

The replacement thether is made from durable materials and features a tether that keeps the cap attached to the device, preventing loss or damage. The tether also allows the cap to be easily removed when the battery needs to be replaced.

The Armasight BNVD Battery Cap Tether is easy to install and compatible with all Armasight BNVD products. It is an affordable solution for those who need to replace a lost or damaged piece and want to maintain the full functionality of their Armasight BNVD.

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